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Puyallup Spring Fair

April 18-21, 2013
Puyallup WA

puyallup-spring-fair-puyallup-wa-mattressesThe Puyallup Spring Fair is much like the large and famous Puyallup Fair, but smaller.

The Puyallup Spring Fair welcomes in the spring with baby animals, rides, fair food, and events.

The Spring Fair is held in the same location as the Puyallup Fair, but with a few perks that its larger cousin does not feature, such as free parking and cheaper admission!

puyallup mattresses

iDream Mattress annually attends the Puyallup Spring Fair for the fun that is had and for what Spring represents.

This representation of new life is what we at iDream believe we can bring to your life.

Imagine a more restorative night's sleep, not being in pain from an uncomfortable mattress, actually sleeping through the night.

iDream can bring this new life to reality at the Puyallup Spring Fair. Allow iDream to share its 25 years of experience in the sleep consultation and mattress industry with you.

We invite you to change your life with world class products at a Fair Price!

Our Luxury pillows, sheets, mattresses and mattress protectors are often custom made for you as a solution to your individual needs.


memory foam mattress in puyallup


memory-foam-mattress-puyallup-waiDream is a believer in its custom sleeping solutions that include products like Vivon.

Like all great ideas, Vivon started as a dream and grew into a mission -to remake the bed.

The Vivon team envisioned a new centerpiece of the bedroom (or any room) where technology meets comfort, where top quality, earth-friendly materials work hand-in-hand with cutting-edge science and world-class design.

That dream comes brilliantly to life in Vivon.

A full line of innovative mattresses designed to elevate and accommodate your lifestyle; Vivon seamlessly combines fresh, new technology and major-league comfort.

From the whisper-quiet, remotely controlled versatility of Vivon Positional to the totally relaxing Vivon Prestige, powered by Brookstone® massage, and to the uniquely formulated BioSense™ Foam at the heart of these products, Vivon is made for living and guaranteed for a life well lived.

For today, for tonight, for resting, for relaxing, for reading, for romance, and even for the occasional rumpus, Vivon provides the ultimate sleeping – and living – experience.

The iDream team looks forward to seeing you at the Puyallup Spring Fair.

iDream will bring a new Spring to your life and a new Spring in your step!

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