Product Comparison

Large Manufactures would have you believe that the mass produced mattresses are the way to go. Much advertising is invested in the name recognition so you will be more comfortable with spending your hard earned money on their products.

Some of the questions we want you to ask yourself are:

"Recognizing the name may make me comfortable but will I be comfortable sleeping on their product"?

"How does their product compare when up against other, possibly higher quality competitors"?

"Does the high cost equal a superior product"?

Take a look for yourself below and see for yourself why we offer the line of products we do.

Top Brands
Contents Eco Friendly. Made with Green Tea Extract, Plant Seed Oil, Active Charcoal and Natural Tencel Fiber Cover Polyurethane foam Rubber Air Bladder
Temperature More temperature friendly (Cooler) due to open cell technology and natural contents Good for people who love to sleep warm or even hot. Warmer (less circulation through rubber bladder)
Motion Best in Industry.
Couples cannot feel movement from side to side.
Best in industry.
Couples cannot feel movement from side to side.
Air bed does not absorb motion from side to side very well. Will feel movement from partner.
Warranty Lifetime Warranty Good Warranty at 20 years (10 full coverage / 10 prorated). Minimal warranty. Only 2 years full coverage / 18 years prorated.
Pricing AFFORDABLE LUXURY!! Among the most expensive mattresses in the industry. Wide range of products from promotional to high-end.
Off-Gassing & Smell Very little to none. Emits VERY strong odor for 4-6 weeks after opening. Very little to none.

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