Reversible ultra-luxury cover featuring CoolMax fabric

  • 3" Feather-Soft Synthetic Latex Foam (the blue thick layer on the top represents this)
  • 6.5" layer of Individually Pocketed Coils
  • 1" UltraCoreHD Premium Support Foam (the wavy-blue layer on the bottom represents this)
  • 1.5" Medium-Soft Synthetic Latex Foam (the darker layer on the bottom represents this)

The Mlily Fusion Mattress represents the latex in synthetic latex material, with the reliability of a 12-gauge, supportive Individual Pocketed coil. The Fusion offers two distinct feels on either side of the mattress, allowing the sleeper to choose which side meets their comfort level. Unlike most memory foam beds, you can sleep on either side! The synthetic latex foam is not measured in density, but rather ILD (Impression Load Deflection) - The ILD on the softer side is between 19 - 21 and the firmer side is between 23-25. The UltraCore HD support foam has a density of about 6 lbs.

Coil Count for each mattress:

  • TXL - 320
  • Full - 465
  • Queen - 610
  • King - 785

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