iProtect Mattress Protector



iProtect Mattress Protector

This protector is the only way to go to ensure that you actually "protect" your mattress over the years. The only way that you can ensure your lifetime warranty stays intact through iDream Mattress is to get this cover with the bed… that's it! It's really that simple, we will give you a free, extended lifetime warranty, which you can see more about in the Warranty tab, when you purchase this cover with your new mattress!

The iProtect cover literally keeps out everything that could possible get into your mattress including dust mites, bed bugs, sweat, liquids, saliva, urine, skin cells, microbes, etc. etc… The only thing that can get through the cover is air. That's actually the great thing about this cover, you get the protection you need, but not at the expense of sleeping hot. You actually sleep at your ideal temperature due to the airflow provided with the cover.


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