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Florida State Fair mattress

February 7-18, 2013
Florida State Fairgrounds


florida-mattress-for-saleThe Florida State Fairgrounds hosts the "Best Time of the Year" when it's time for the Florida State Fair.

A wonderful time for outdoor events, entertainment, eating and shopping.

Many vendors take this chance to showcase what is new for the year.

iDream is at the forefront in the sleep system world.

In fact, we are so confident in our product line we know all we have to do is get you to try our luxury mattresses, pillows and mattress pads for you to realize what you have been missing.

exquisite mattresses

iDream Mattress has helped many Florida State Fair attendees discover what it means to bring sleep to life.

With over 25 years of experience in sleep consultation and mattresses, the iDream team can custom design a sleep system for you that is world class at a Fair Price!

We are a Factory Direct company with a passion for changing lives through healthier, more restorative sleep.

The Florida State Fair allows us an opportunity to meet you and possibly change your life through healthier more restorative sleep.

memory-foam-mattresses-in-floridaWe offer Vivon, Ergo Adjustable, Chilipad and Guardmaster product lines.

Vivon developed the first mattress that changes positions back in 2006.

It was a great mattress, but the moving parts were outside of the mattress.

Consumers said it was limiting in terms of their being able to use their own, existing bedroom furniture.


florida memory foam mattresses


Their engineers and designers went back to the drawing board and created a mattress that changes positions with all the moving parts INSIDE the mattress.

This breakthrough enables consumers to use their existing furniture and maintain the look of their bedrooms and save money.

It took four years of product development for them to perfect this new technology.

This affordable luxury is now being passed on to our consumer and we are proud of our product lines.

We also stand behind our products and even offer a comfort guarantee beyond that of the manufacturer.

We will be at the Florida State Fair next year as well and we know you will be happy to see us and we always delight to hear how our custom sleep solutions have changed lives.

Let Us Change Yours!

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